2017 T-Shirts!


Chapter T-Shirts are now available! You can order them by emailing tshirts@acmatfsu.org. They're $12 dollars, and we accept cash, Venmo, and Google Wallet.

The sale ends on February 24th, the shirts will ship to us by March 8th, and they'll be distributed prior to the Spring Programming Contest!

Spring Programming Contest site up!

We are excited to announce that registration for the Spring Programming Contest is now live! You can find registration here or by using the link in our navbar.

By preregistering, you will receive an email when full registrtion goes up, plus a spot will be reserved for you if we max out our attendance capacity (which may happen this year!).

Hope to see you there!

Upload your resume!

Submit your resume to our resume repository! Many of our sponsors are interested in hiring our chapter members, and by submitting your resume to our collection they may decide to contact you.

Hello, world!

Welcome to ACM at FSU's new website! You can get all your ACM at FSU related news and updates here.

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